FOURS BOUVIER and TECHNOFOUR merged in January 1996, since when the company has experienced strong growth, and is well positioned among the leaders of furnace construction in Belgium.

Experience, together with a tradition going back more than 70 years and a marked interest in the most recent technological developments have created a solid base from which the company is able to respond precisely to the requirements of industry.

•    1932: founding of the Bouvier company

•    1990: founding of the Technofour company

•    1993: Technofour moves to Villers-le-Bouillet

•    1996: merger of Bouvier and Technofour

•    2006: change of shareholding

•    2008: extension of manufacturing facilities

•    2012: resumption of activities by the the founder of Technofour (Mr. Cooremans)

•    2013: use of BTF supervision software in a laboratory in which fire resistance tests are conducted

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